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    I love Emily Giffin. Can you recommend some similarly good girly books in your blog or just email me? Also can you ask Candice where she got that satin cream colored dress? I love it.


    aby2000–I know that bro , if you read the rest of it you’ll see I talked about Aamir too. This is a classic example of one’s comment being taken outta context AGAIN!. I was just giving an example of how you should NOT take away someone’s credit that is due. You can’t deny what AB has achieved, you can’t deny what Aamir has achieved, similarly you can’t deny what SRK has achieved. If one wants to, one can come up with frivolous arguments for almost anybody. That was my point ..I hope it’s clearer now

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    So many shades of green, so many pieces of asana to put together to figure out our puzzles. Absorb as many moments as you can. I can’t wait to hear more of your stories and have you share what you’ve learned with all of us in the weeks, months and years to come~Sue

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    – Dear C Family – It really is hard to believe that nearly three years has passed since you brought your first little love here…what an honor for us to watch your beautiful little family grow! See you soon! ♥ ♥

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    i’ve learned through my spiritual practice…and getting older too has helped!! the things most important to me aren’t material…hiking in nature, playing with my animals, creating art, playing games with my family, hanging out with friends over coffee…those are the simple things that make me and my life very happy. but it takes consciously working at being happy and figuring out those things…it doesn’t just happen.

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    So, Acts 29 is now a cult? Ok, just so we’re clear. Any church that was planted by Acts 29 is a non-Christian sect which uses psychology and manipulation, along with other devious means, to garner the support of unsuspecting, weak-willed people. Demonize much?

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    zanon,Thanks for the info. I've heard of some of those names such as Winterspeak, Mosler, etc.I've never heard of "JKH" however. Where does he comment?Also, has Mencius ever critiqued Post-Keynesianism or responded to criticisms of Austrian econ by Post-Keynesians, here or elsewhere?

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    Thanks Gav, I thought so but wasn’t sure and didn’ want to offend someone who means well.Does it have to be a war movie in the strict sense? How about The Quiet American and the movie Saigon with Willem Dafoe.

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    Dotsie, seriez-vous un(e) petit(e) Bélier ?…Arrêtez de pousser le mur ! Reculez de 2 pas, faites 3 pas à droite ou à gauche… Faites le tour et vous verrez qu’il y a quelque chose derrière !Pierre « Sitting Bull » HenriP.S. Plaisanterie mise à part, vous n’avez vraiment pas compris ce que disais Leveto… Dormez dessus, relisez tranquillement demain à tête reposée, vous verrez ça d’un autre oeil.

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    Whole Foods Wednesday, Healthy 2Day Wednesday, Works for Me Wednesday, Your Green Resource, Simple Lives Thursday, Pennywise Platter share the love! Pin ItEmailGoogle ReaderPrintDiggShare on TumblrLike this:LikeBe

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    Melissa PettigrewJanuary 19, 2011I was asked several times when I got this post as why this lady cannot stay with you? So I am asking..Why cant she stay with you? That would resolve the issue of money and she could get help with food stamps I am sure. So can you explain?Thanks so much,Melissa Pettigrew

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    Sunil, I must admit that I think fragrance is a priority in roses, as in peonies; but that is such a gorgeous flower that it is probably worth trading off some fragrance. Your photograph does such a wonderful job of capturing the intricate geometry of the flower.

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    Bob, I did understand that you were sharing your take on the movie…I read about it and didn’t have a chance to see it. I was just trying to interest you (and other writers of biographies) in a dialogue about how we choose our subjects. Aside from highlighting an artists whose work is significant and who has an intriquing story, Sandra Jordan and I also have to be passionate about his/her wrtwork.

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    Haha, pregnant ladies can be proud of their size. You should be even more proud! Your body is getting big for a purpose. I really hate all the pressure that pregnant women get about their weight and losing it after their baby is born. Seriously, do what feels right for you and your baby. The extra weight doesn't mean you are unhealthy and doing anything wrong. It is what is supposed to happen and allows you to do amazing things! Okay, I'll stop ranting. But I hope to see you on here beautiful lady!

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