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  1. Johannah

    Hallo, ich bin blutige WordPress Anfängerin (seit einer Woche). Als Theme verwende ich Yoko, schon allein deshalb, weil mir diese Seite gut gefällt. Gestern habe ich Jetback inelltaisrt,, Carousel funktioniert, aber Tiles Funktion finde ich nirgends. In der Mediathek kann ich nur Diashow (die ist super) oder Standard wählen. Was mach’ ich verkehrt?

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    Planning on going to Appenzeller today and your post came up while looking for the menu on-line. Actually didn't find their menu, but my mind is set on that Berner Roesti you posted on fb:-). Re: chorizo with mustard and bread- that is so Swiss/German! For them, any sausage plus mustard and good bread is a winner:-)

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    Esse Dimenstein é um idiota, um anticlerical inveterado e, como judeu, deveria se preocupar com essa baixa natalidade, pois na Europa são os mesmos índices e o vácuo populacional europeu está sendo preenchido pelos muçulmanos (que têm taxas mais altas de natalidade). Já pensaram nisso? Se não abrirmos os olhos, se acontecer com o Brasil oque se passa no Velho Mundo, daqui a uns cem, cento e cinqüenta anos viraremos um “Brasilistão” (QUE SÃO TIAGO MATA-MOUROS NÃO PERMITA!).

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    Ooh they look delectable…all the more reason to elevate the position of "blowtorch" on my kitchen wishlist!Thanks for the headsup on Perraudin too…heading to Paris in July and have no shortage of restaurant recs!

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    Oi meu nome e Deborah tenho 25 anos e tenho uma filha de 1 ano e 10 meses fiz parto cessaria minha menstruação desceu dia 27/11/10 mas em dezembro e janeiro não veio e em fevereiro dia 05/02/11 veio fiz um teste de farmácia deu positivo e um de sangue de negatividade o que pode ser obrigado dez de já.

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    frag dich doch mal ernsthaft, ob du dir diese Frage nicht selbst beantworten kannst Und wie? Nur jemand der die Tastatur tatsächlich schon bestellt hat, kann diese Frage beantworten. Auf den Lieferstatus im Apple Store ist normalerweise eh kein Verlass. Sorry, dass ich eine wohl unsinnige Frage in die Runde warf und damit in erster Linie dein Lesen dieses Blogs unnötig aufgebläht habe.

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    this morning at Mass that the nuns are being "persecuted" and I thought that was a bit strong until I read your entries and these comments. you are one nasty lady. I will tell you who in LCWR are teaching (the poor kids in the inner city) and working with orphans–the Charities, the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the IHM's, and Ursulines. I know women from these congregations and I am behind them 100%

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    moment when you actually do “express” yourself.  I’m not condoning to go all “Machine Gun Kelly“, but one discreet little toot can be quite the ice breaker.  Ladies, might I suggest you

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    Reviewed on: November 25, 2012decent but nothing great Had a few good illusions but a lot of the time was him just talking about himself. When i go to a vegas show i want to leave feeling blown away. I want my memory to be of something that was amazing, just didn’t get that from chris angel. Would i want to see it again? Nope

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    Hi Maggie. I presume you’re in Kona by now and hopefully enjoying yourself and ready for the big race. Are you going to the Athlete’s banquet tonight? If so, maybe we can meet. You can call my wife’s cell phone, 612-770-9512, and maybe we can pick a spot to meet.

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    i bought the chloe sevigny black lace ups on sale a couple weeks ago. im obsessed with their loveliness.Can't wait to see an outfit post from you in yours.

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    Wow. I’m thoroughly impressed, Linda. This was a great wrap up to your story. BRAVO!But please tell me this isn’t the end…. It can’t be the end, can it? Say it ain’t so!

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    Y todo lo que hacéis, sea de palabra o de hecho, hacedlo todo en el nombre del Señor Jesús, dando gracias a Dios Padre por medio de él.Que signifca esto felix?Porqe .. nose si esto es un consejo o una aptitud o actitud qe debemos tomar como creyentes o discipulos

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    15 de janeiro de 2010Cadê o angelical vestidinho azul da Alice? Parece que o protagonista é o Depp…coisas de Tim Burton!Avril é a única cantora pop que ñ gosto de jeito nenhum!Como sou fútil até o último calçado do shopping, amo o Fratellis só por causa do vocalista gatíssimo!“Alice não me Escreva Aquela Carta de Amor” seria o must dessa soundtrack!!!!!

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    Yours is far and above the most creative, spirited, and beautiful setting. And I'm biased toward Camille because she's a fellow Austinite. I hope you win!

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    Very interesting. I’ve got a professor right now whose whole ideology is “Find your play.” which sounds similar to me. It really comes down to doing what you want to do. So combining that with your belief in bridging the gap, find your play, if it doesn’t exist, make it exist.

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    Looking back at this makes me think about Cliff Lee. If you sold “high” on Lee on May 15, chances are you still sold too low, since now one was paying you for the 0.60 ERA (or whatever it actually was) he put up through his first six starts.

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    Oj, dette hadde vært herlig Ã¥ vinne da jeg faktisk ikke har noen støvsuger selv! 😀 Kjedelig Ã¥ finne frem moppen eller vaskefille hver gang hybelkaninene kommer pÃ¥ besøk..Tvitvi! 🙂

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    Found you via FFF {I'm the author of Mammarazzi too – when time permits!} and although I flit from blog to blog without commenting {naughty I know} I do read yours! I love seeing and gathering tips on how other Mums balance their chaotic lives and their monkeys! 😉

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    Aunt Ruthie, thank you for this precious post! What a sweet reminder of His love for us! You’re right so many are going through difficult times! I pray for them nightly. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos; everything looks beautiful! You have a lovely family and your booth looks awesome! Most of all thanks for the reminder to stay in faith; I really needed that reminder today! God bless you at this Thanksgiving season!

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    Marion, je ne sais pas comment tu fais mais à l’inverse de beaucoup de blogueurs, tes billets sont à chaque fois encore meilleurs que les précédents !Merci infiniment pour tout le plaisir que tu nous donnes.Loko

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    Looking at your pictures is making me so excited for spring and seed starting. Your veggies looks great. I love seeing bits of red in the garden from tomatoes and peppers. I can’t wait to join you this summer once my veggie garden starts producing!

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    Hey Mitch, always nice to know why it is somebody actually subscribes I still owe you a few posts I think … haven´t forgotten about them, but the “flow” just hasn´t been there yet to write them … oh well… “someday” Happy 4th of July!

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    alles oké, de computer werd opgelapt en dat kon alleen in de uurtjes als ik thuis was. Dan draaide het systeem op volle toeren (en crashte tig keer) zodat er geen ruimte was om ook nog andere dingen te doen. Komt goed, ga ik proberen dit weekend in te halen. .

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    Minnesota is not the first state to reject a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. It happened in Arizona in 2006. Proposition 107 was voted down, although two years later a similar amendment was approved.

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    bX-inorhr non faceva riassunti, non vedo perché bX-p01jus dovrebbe farli.Badate, o voi che la via più facile e veloce cercate. Il Lato Oscuro essa è.

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    Hi Fred. No, I’m not criticizing you. I worked for NJ.com about 13 years ago. I can’t remember the blog’s title but it was under my name. My editor would occasionally have news staff pick fights with me over gun control, politics, etc. I think I recognize some tells that indicate P is part of the dailyrecord.com staff. Their writing skill aren’t as tight as the regular newspaper (more like TV) and they rely on web skill more that their own brain cells.Anyways, that’s what I was referring to.

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    respecto al voto en blanco, informense un poco antes de hacerlo. el voto en blanco no es neutral, favorece a los grandes partidos ya que suma al conto total y al sumar disminuye las probabilidades de que partidos minoritarios alcancen el fatidico 5% para obtener alguna representacion. Si es por mostrar el desacuerdo con la partitocracia imperante sin dejar de ir a votare, el voto nulo, o el voto a formaciones como "ciudadanos en blanco" es mucho mas efectivo

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    Ese es el trasto que me falta… la gofrera! Claro que si me la compro tengo que eliminar un trasto previo o mudarme, así que mucho me temo que los gofres tendrán que esperar. Mientras tanto, envidia mala :sUn besote.

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    I just turned 36 on the 27th of October and I am glad to hear that others feel that they haven’t quite “arrived” yet in their lives. I have always sort of had the feeling that for me 40 will be the year. I am not sure why, but I just always have. So here’s to all of my fellow “late bloomers” lol!!

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    Its odd to visit a page that I had visited yesterday with no problems, while today it has been flagged. Would be good if it tells you why its being flagged.Taking a quick search on „google browsing diagnostics“ – resulted in this page being flagged as well… Is it running amok ?

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    Kajuru, sou seu fã! Você é autêntico! Inteligente e fala a verdade, doa a quem doer!Gosto de você, do Datena e do Juca Kfouri. Por favor, se der, mande um abraço pra mim e para meus alunos da escola “Chiquinho” (Francisco de Assis), São Paulo/Capital. ao vivo ou gravado em seu programa Kajuru sob controle, que deveria ser Kajuru, verdade absoluta!Abraços,Prof. Péricles

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    That was crazy when she drowned that kid. I did not see that coming at all whereas my husband and son were like “duh”. Now the shooter guy has to clean up another mess she made. Between Boardwalk and Camelot’s Morgan I ready to kill some of these evil women on these shows Last night was good also. I will wait until you are able to watch then discuss.

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    me voy a comprar ese el nokia n95 8gb, pero no se xq si no consigo este me traen el comun el n95 de 1gb, mi duda es, se le puede ampliar hasta 8gb? con tarjetas de memoria no? )..( (..)*espero una respuesta! osea! ok, thanks bye…

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    I think you did the right thing. In fact, you are better off now since you know what kind of a friend he would’ve been.Having no friends is better than having caustic friends.

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    I see what you mean Ruth. Many people say ‘what difference can I make?’ but if they start reducing their energy consumption (for example) then others may follow Thanks for the comment, welcome to Technology Bloggers!Christopher – Admin Team

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    When was the last time anyone ever heard of someone getting a ticket in NY for jaywalking? Probably never. Yet jaywalking is a danger to motorists as well as to the jaywalker, and of course the motorist is always to blame for injuries or fatalities. Some jaywalkers appear as if they actually want to be hit as way to make big bucks. Every day I have to dodge jaywalkers. Other states do enforce jaywalking laws. I would like to see you or someone write about this.

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    Esses movimentos terroristas são o resultado do trabalho de Tarso Genro… …Foi assim que ele venceu, ou melhor, “levou” a eleição no RGS…Agora aplica a mesma tática do terrorimso a nível nacional… …esperavam o que dessa gente… …isso tudo Lula já fazia no período em que atuava nos “Portões da Metalúrgica”…Nada disso me surpreende…

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    Hi, first off I just wanted to say thanks so much for this awesome website! I was wondering though if I should be incorporating cardio along with the butt, legs, and abs circuits? I currently weigh 137, and am really trying to get down to 125, so would adding cardio to these workouts help? Thank you, Ally.

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    Még egyszer bocs, ha valaki durvának érezte a megjegyzést, bár nem szántam annak. Viszont kapom az üzeneteket dögivel, ha egy-két óráig nem látja valaki valamelyik fészken a szülőket. Persze sokszor nem is nézik a kamerát folyamatosan, de amikor éppen ránéznek, akkor nincs ott a szülő. Ilyenek miatt felesleges aggódni, mert egyre ritkábban lesznek a fészken. Nagyhalászban a szokásosnál gondosabbak a szülők, máshol már jóval hamarabb otthagyják őket hosszabb időre is.

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    So, why isn't there a G.M. Palmer in my state? $#%$!! But of course there probably are, they're just not at UR. In any case "quiet, self-imposed exile" is a subject I need to think and read about quite a lot. One nice thing about it is it overlaps a lot with TEOTWAWKI planning. It overlaps with everything else that's been on my mind recently, such as physical culture, Art of Manliness, paleolithic diet, monetizing the debt, and forecasts of rising prices.

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    Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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    OK, another expert has confirmed what we already know. Now what? When is any of the evidence gonna get pinned onto this illegal alien imposter? How much more do we have to wait for SOMEBODY in the POS federal government to do something?It' all up to us…the federales are co-conspirators.

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    Bonjour,Je découvre avec bonheur cette radio et votre travail. je viens de partager sur ma page facebook. Je suis surtout très heureuse de découvrir un confrère journaliste ouvert, novateur et diffuseur d’infos positives cela m’intéresse d’en savoir plus sur votre parcours…je vous encourage très fortement à poursuivre !!!! C’est important !!!!Cordialement,sandra

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    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Thanks

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    It is a shame that CNN/YouTube has a cloud hanging over the debate by allowing Democratic supporters to pose so many of the questions. It does not appear to reflect the views of independents and republicans, which are the ones that will vote in the primaries for these folks. Big deal, probably not … disappointing … YES.

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    change for me but i said no need6 belon, 冇乜銅味,有一隻有虫, changed牡丹虾x2, 一啲都吾甜scallopx2, ok西斑牙豬排, 鞋過我塊面一千倍black angus ribeye, i order medium well, well, after recook TWICE, it was finally medium well$1,500, and the meal took 2 hoursmay be really not my day

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    Wow, man! You keep impressing me!I'm thinking about in setting up a 90 days challenge like you are doing, my only problem is: I don't know what language to stick with… I'm learning on and off Italian, French, German and dabbled in some others like Chinese, Japanese and Guaraní (alternative language from Paraguay, mostly)In a challenge of 90 days I think I can focus in just two languages at most, if I can. Of course depending on wich language I choose. What do you think?By the way, I'm keeping track of you on Fi3M forum, I'm Roman there!Keep going with your journey,Roman

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    I’m trying for Lent. I know I will actually (really, really) need a few work things for spring (first job out of school), but definitely committing to no going out to eat/drinks. Can’t wait to see how far I can go!

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    eve:well Ill make an educated guess…cause it was 100 degrees recently I had a small pitcher of milk sitting out, Id say it was luke warm,like bath water…now if youre cooking it for a long time to reduce, then it will thicken but 100 seems too low to do that.

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    spune:Ar fi o palma grea primita de Romania. Exact genul de subiect de care are predilectie Romania in a se lipi mai mereu…Deocamdata, la nivel de PE, ce sustinere oficiala (procente) exista pentru Ciolos?

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    So cool! I am in Berlij right now as well for work, but thats not visiting Bread and Butter… Have fun! Wearegoingdutch.blogspot.comPs crappiest outfit pics you'll find on my blog, since i had no laptop available for a while i had to blog an pic via iPhone…;)

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    Questo succede perchè ormai i “giornalisti” scrivono le prime minkiate che trovano senza avere dei riscontri.Le bufale dell’avvocato Canzona hanno tenuto botta per anni, ora per rimediare a questa falsa informazione ci vorranno settimane.

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    B-Maru / Bon apparament il nous ont fait une version HD que je soupçonne ne pas être aussi grossière que celle du HD Remix. Cela dit j espère qu ils laisseront le choix du visuel, ne serait ce que par respect de l oeuvre originale.

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    Hola Bruni,Thank God for thick hair! It’s work and can be frustrating, but I can tell you when you learn how to care for it and get it just the way YOU like it, nothing compares.I saw that video on youtube and I’ll be honest, I did not like it. It just seemed to be way too much heat for my personal taste. Yes, my blower is hot, but I use it sparingly and even set my hooded dryer on a cooler temp. I prefer healthy hair to straight hair.

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    The best thing that could happen for peace in the Middle East would be for this unrest to spread to Jordan, resulting in constitutional monarchy based on majority rule. For then there would be room for a two-state solution with something amounting to a right-of-return for the Palestinian people.The European Community should prepare itself to finance such a return if and when the occasion arises. They owe it to the Palestinians, and German youth ought to start agitating for it now.

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    Cees zegt:Nu heb ik sowieso al iets tegen de meeste pakjes i.v.m.het hoge zoutgehalte.IK ben nierpatiënt en heb in een klap meer dan mijn dagelijks toegestane hoeveelheid binnen.Over smaak valt niet te twisten, maar dit gerecht slaat alles.C   0 likes

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    Hola Tania: qué tierna, muchas gracias. Ojalá así haya ocurrido. Saludos.Hola ‘Catica’: Muchas gracias por tu interés y claro que pasaré por Ecohuellas, una vez más. Claro que me da un poco de miedo ser el ‘Jorge Barón de la blogosfera’ jajaja. Un abrazo.

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    Smart to start the toes and then figure out the stitch pattern. And sometimes it is just so hard to pick the next project/design, yet others several seem to want to jump into your lap. I think the stress of trying to settle on something before a trip makes it even harder.

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    I love this little vac. It has a rubber front that catches the hair so that the powerful suction can pull it into the bagless container. Best of all, this is an electric hand vac so no recharging and always ready to go. It works great on sofas and chairs as well as carpeted stairs.I have two long haired cats and 1 dog so there’s lots of animal fur.

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    Vihreät ovat niin sokeita hiilidioksipäästöjensä edessä, että he eivät näe muita päästöjä. Talo, jota lämmitetään kitupolttamalla kosteita hakkuujätteitä, ja joka tuottaa enemmän vaarallisia pienhiukkasia ja savua kuin tehdas, on vihreiden mielestä päästötön talo. Kun kymmenettuhannet omakotitalot muuttuvat tuollaisiksi, Suomen ilmansaasteet ja haitalliset päästöt vihreiden mielestä vähentyvät. Tulevaisuuden vihreä Suomi on ilmansaasteiden täyttämä asumiskelvoton paikka, jossa haisee ikisavu.

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    Liana, esti o draguta! Iti promit ca si Airfryerul este la fel de util in bucatarie ca si Kitchen Aid-ul! Eu il folosesc aproape zilnic, lui Luca ii plac foarte mult cartofii prajiti in el VN:F [1.9.17_1161](din 0 voturi)

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    Hola, alguien me puede decir por qué si yo pongo a mi libro un precio de 3€ despues en amazon kindle sale a la venta por 6€. Es el caso de Drimeros – En Tierras de CrocomGracias.

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    Haha. Wow. Interesting and sad economic sampling. Supply and demand. Such a great supply of great PGs and such little demand because of it. So sad. The best players in the league don’t get paid as much as Chris freaking Kaman. Oh well. Such is life.

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    Et ça continue , ce dimanche 29 juillet nous avons pataugé tels des canards dans la m…e. Très joyeux et nous avons bien ri, tout en travaillant comme des titans )))))))))))))))))))))Béa

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    Beautiful Bashini, I pipe them all onto baking paper and then slide them onto a tray when I have room in the oven rather than leaving it in the bowl. I put one tray in and then when looking almost ready i move it to the lower rack in the oven and put a new tray in on the top rack.

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    is thisWe wont have it that gangs rule Denmark. We will have it so that Danes can walk the streets as before. It is the politicians that are to blame Verbosity doesn’t seem to be Anders strong point does it. The rest is basically what you have said in your article. The police were basically saying that they had rounded them up so they wouldn’t cause trouble. Obviously they have learned there lesson after the Nørrebrø riots. I am sure the Danish readers will give you a more nuanced translation.

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    In my other life (you know, when not reading or typing on this blog) I do my best not to rain on anyone’s parade, steal anyone’s thunder, restrict anyone from pursuing their dreams – none of which I have the right to do anyway – as long as they are not hurting someone else in the process.I’m no judge or jury. But I sure am opinionated on what this thread is about. So I’ll sit quietly and read.

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    Voi voi, nää tyypit vois ehkä olla onnellisimpia, jos ne roolipelais eikä hörhöäis. Koska noi jorinat kaiken maailman "valkoisen lohikäärmeen seurasta" ja illuminaateista ovat pelikontekstissa ihan hauskoja, mutta tässä lähinnä säälittäviä.

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    *Vibi : merci tout plein ! PS : je n'ai pas encore le temps de m'occuper des bretzels. *Marie : je confirme, c'est une soupe hyper roborative.*Anne : tout d'abord, moi aussi j'ai été ravie de te connaître malgré ma voix défaillante (que j'ai retrouvée depuis, ouf !). Pour la soupe, j'ai apprécié de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau mais le "100% épeautre" est un peu trop pour moi. Mélangé à plus de légumes, j'aurais probablement préféré. Amicalement.

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    Bob, so far our charter partners have not had any owners offer their Sabre 40′s for their charter programs. Our dealer in the Northwest does have a Sabre 38 and a Sabre 42 sedan in their fleet and the rides of those boats are very comparable.

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    Cómo que no sirve, obvio que si quemas más calorías con el ejercicio, también puedes comer más! De hecho, es lo único que me ha funcionado para mantener mi peso, si empiezo con dietas o cosas raras como productos light, lo único que me produce es obsesionarme más con la comida… 11  1

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    Hoy que tanto gustamos de la literatura fantástica, nos sorprenderíaY tanto. Tan cercano el lanzamiento de la tercera entrega de Eragón, yo no dejo de acordarme de la recreación de Montalvo. Hay acción, seres fantásticos, hazañas

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    Congratulations! It sounds like a great opportunity for you and working towards Hospice care is wonderful. They are a beautiful organization. Sorry about having to leave your current job/client.((HUGS))

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    Ack! OMGosh this is adorable!!! Love his sweet face, the bright colors (you sure do have me looking forward to the holidays, with your fabby cards)!! I love your layout too, will be trying this one, thanks as always for the inspiration! ~Hugs

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